Priming the hull and topsides is complete

Using Awlgrip HiBuild as our epoxy primer, the manufacturer recommended against rolling on. I ignored. Who’s smarter I asked. The sanding of the stippled primer was monumental. Finished, finally with 320 and a quick wet sand. It is smooth and beautiful. Next time: RTFM

For the top sides, I again ignored the manufacturers recommendation and used an old Wagner airless sprayer. It worked way better than the roller but it was still a pain in the ass. The spray pattern was not fan-shaped, it was  target-shaped. Check out the test sprays on the paper masking. Destroyed the sprayer, I think. Next time: RTFM. And follow the directions.


I dropped off the flybridge and miscellaneous parts to the painter to spray Matterhorn White AwlCraft 2000 at his shop. In a week or so, we are going to pull the boat out in the sun for painting. Even though it is less protected outside, the better light and ventilation should provide a better paint job. The painter said if we painted in the enclosure ,the overspray would resettle back on the fresh paint and affect the surface finish. I agree.

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