All-in on the interior

I was trying to be conservative by attempting to salvage most of the cabinetry and paneling but every time I removed one piece another rotten one popped up. So I decided to pull everything out and start over. My goal is to create a light open space so I will be replacing the old textured vinyl with a light creme colored vinyl  for the walls and an alcantera type micro suede for the ceiling panels.

Here is the most of the interior of the mid cabin stripped out. I’ll do the forward V berth later, maybe next year

img_0979Here is the head with the walls removedimg_0958

Same angle but a bit higher.img_0948

I wanted to see how the new vinyl would look so I placed a few panels as a test. I sanded the teak trim, too. No oil or varnish on the teak— It looks better, I think.img_0959

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