Testing upholstery for the walls

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some used acrylic sheets that were used for signage. Old IHOP and Mattress store backlit signs. While they are old, they do not appear to be weathered and are good replacements for the rotted wood panels that were removed for the boat. I am experimenting with covering the panels in an ultrasuede or vinyl upholstery fabric to see how they adhere and how they weather in the rain / sun / snow.

I sanded the acrylic with 120 grit, then wiped with paint thinner. Then contact cement per manufacturer’s recommendation. I’ll let the cement dry for a few days then leave the panel outside for a few weeks to see how the pieces hold up.

The two darker pieces were pretty thin and the cement bled though, but the heavier suede and vinyl  look good so far.

img_0768 img_0770img_0769

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