Flybridge and electrical

The boat is painted and the remaining work is to install and test all of the electrical wiring. To keep things simple, I added a BlueSea power switch in conjunction with 2 ACRs so that my three-battery system will never leave me hanging. I sized the cables based on current and the calculator suggested 2/0…

Some Marinette Literature

Marinette owners manual Marinette brochure Marinette article in Boating Industry Magazine August 1990

Flybridge reassembly, front hatch

I am installing the instruments and windscreen on the flybridge. I picked white opaque acrylic instead of smoked acrylic because I wanted a more modern monochromatic look. On the port side I have kill switches so I’ll have to go in the cabin to restart the motors. On the starboard side, I have the switches…

Painting finished. Finally

Finally finished with the painting. We painted the topsides with a cheap Harbor Freight sprayer and it worked fine. First we rolled Awlcraft 2000 mixed with AwlGrit fine sand for the non slid, then sprayed another 3-4 coats of paint on the shiny parts with a 30 minute span in between. All in, we used…

Final priming- ready for paint

I puled the boat out of the enclosure for a final wipe-down and pre paint inspection. I have a friend painting the flybridge at his shop to gauge the difference between a pro job and a what I can do. We’ll see how much difference there is…

Priming the hull and topsides is complete

Using Awlgrip HiBuild as our epoxy primer, the manufacturer recommended against rolling on. I ignored. Who’s smarter I asked. The sanding of the stippled primer was monumental. Finished, finally with 320 and a quick wet sand. It is smooth and beautiful. Next time: RTFM For the top sides, I again ignored the manufacturers recommendation and…

Change of plans—Get the Sawzall, grinder and welder

I never liked the sliding door on the back of the boat, so when I took it out I was left with the sliding door frame and the two flanking window openings. I was going to put the side windows back in but I changed my mind so I cut everything out. The vertical post…

Sand and prime, and sand and sand.

Three coats of AwlGrip high build primer rolled. That was a mistake. It took forever to sand. Final finish sand with 320 on a DA sander. Super smooth. Going with Awlcraft 2000 Matterhorn White with a single blue pin stripe along the rub rail  

Motors run great

I ran the twin Chrysler 318s before they are to be installed to make sure everything was running well. I found a few issues: missing exhaust manifold gasket, vapor lock in coolant system, low fluid in transmission (would not stop spinning in neutral) Otherwise, great pressure and stable temperature.

The reinstall begins

Prefitting the laser cut  instrument panel after the helm installation. Plus reinforcement of the flybridge seats and installation of the vinyl coated starboard wall panel.